To anyone who is even the slightest-bit TECH savvy, Jony Ive's passionate speeches are the thing of legend. He introduces slabs of selfie-taking-plastic like it's the 10 Commandments being handed down to Moses, it's quite amusing to us.

Now, we're fully Appled up at Tweed with MacBooks and iPhones etc so this isn't a diss, but rather a playful interpretation of the occasionally self-important and snobby craft beer world.

We love beer - we make beer - but it can get taken OTT at times (and yes, we have been guilty at times) and this apple spoof video is just that, a silly poke at those craft beer preachers who we encounter every day.

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Please do share this video (TweedBrewCo - YouTube) if you dig it! And if you DO dig it, here's some amusing outtakes from the shoot

We want to say a big thank you to Time Reel Films for shooting, editing and guiding us on our way to looking and sounding like tools.

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