Ah Valentines Day, a time of compromises between two people who both decide on somewhere they’re both not that keen on OR a day of awkward first dates and tipping dilemmas. So why put yourself through it? Surely the only real companion anyone needs this coming Valentines day is a damn good beverage, right? 

Here are 5 good reasons a craft beer beats a person this Valentines Day:

1) You can take as many pictures as you want of new beers! …try doing that to an attractive, young thing in a city centre bar *hint* you really shouldn’t.


2) Filling a Growler! …Whether it's a sleepless night or a lonely country walk, you’ve always got that mango saison in a flagon for company.


3) It won’t make you go to a restaurant and drink Peroni …obvs.


4) Try before you buy … no need to woo a 9% brown ale with gifts and formal attire,  have a little sip - spill a little on your brewery shirt - and move on if you’re not getting ‘dat’ vibe.


5) Twitter … Try plastering your relationship all over social media and see how many RT’s you get …pah.. take a picture, tag the brewer & bottle shop and you’ve got yourself some beer friends mate.