Tweed's Glye Series ft. Gyles 94, 96, 98 leading up to the big - and most certainly not predictable - 100!


So it’s been just over 12 months that we’re been up and running here at Tweed HQ and we’re rapidly reaching our 100th Gyle… (That’s brewing talk for 100th brew).

So to celebrate, as your all probably aware, we’ve released our Gyle series. A collection of 3 brews 94, 96, 98 before we release the big 100!! And believe me… It’s something to be excited about!

Gyle 94 has been out for just over a week now and it sold out pretty much as soon as our weekly newsletter went out…. Click here to subscribe.

Gyle 94 was a hoppy pale and sat at 4% brewed with Phoenix, Belma, Chinook, Bramling Cross and Target hops! So yeah.. It was pretty hoppy!

Gyle 96 sees us switch up the malt bill to a slightly more Golden, Amber beer and increase the ABV to 4.2%. It’s brewed with spicy Admiral hops along with some citrusy Sterling and powerful Green Bullet Hops. We’re excited for this one!

I’ve just asked Ant for the Gyle 98 recipe card but he’s holding it close to his chest at the minute… I think he has something special in mind for this one before he gets to work with that double zero brew 100… the kind of beer which has never been seen before at Tweed!

Sam xoxo